May 20, 2013

Rustic Birds - Mixed Media on Wood

This was a fun and easy project done the week of Mother's Day.  We started with raw 2" x 6" wood pieces (cut into 7 1/2" & 4" lengths).  I had the kids paint the front side of the board with white gesso.  While it dried, they used bird templates to trace and cut bird shapes out of scrapbook papers.  Then I had them use sandpaper to rough up the edges and bring out the grain of the wood.  We then "stained" the wood with liquid acrylics (rubbed in with a damp cloth and then removed, leaving the stain in the cracks and edges).  The bird wings were hand sewn by the students with felt and fabric then cut out with pinking shears.  Finally we adhered the birds with mod podge and the wings & button eyes with glue (the photos were taken while the glue was still wet so they look white but will dry clear).  I am sure there were a lot of happy moms that week!

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