August 26, 2009

New Commissioned Paintings

Here is my initial sketch for the two 36"x48" canvases. I will be using the top sketch. The other canvas hasn't been started yet.

This is the top sketch set on it's side and cropped. I decided to add more flowers when I chalked it in on the canvas. I prepped the canvas with a grey base coat. It will add depth when I do the lighter colors on top. I will leave some of it showing around the flowers and leaves.

Here the flowers and leaves have been roughed in. I have started to go around them with creamy white. I will add more washes of color on top of the white later. And also add more highlights and shading to the flowers and leaves. I also enlarged the red tulip so it would point more towards the left of the canvas and not straight down. It seemed too similar to the smaller coral tulip to the right of the yellow flower. And I added a couple more leaves.

The client likes the art of Kim Parker so I am doing homage to her style with these two paintings. I am loving the colors and loose brush strokes.

I have decided since the client is going to hang this horizontally that I need to do a bit of editing to make the painting's composition more balanced. First of all, I am going to remove the sunflower closest to the edge of the canvas. Did a little photo editing below.

Here is today's progress (below). Colors are still needing to be tweaked. I think I like the basic shapes now. I changed some of the flowers today to balance the composition. And I added some more leaves and stems. I will probably start on the other painting Monday and then do the final touches on both of them at the same time.

Here are the two finished paintings. Several changes were made as the paintings progressed. The painting on the bottom here is the one shown above in the other photos.