July 26, 2011

Mixed Media Project - Kid's Painting Class

Today in my kid's painting class the girls did a mixed media painting. 
On the first day I had them paint the background.  We used non-traditional items (bubble wrap, credit cards, etc.) to paint & stamp on interesting patterns.  Then I had them sketch out their girls on paper.

Today we transfered the drawings onto the canvas and painted the faces using pastels and pens to add details.  We cut paper for the dresses and flowers and used gloss medium/varnish to adhere the paper to the canvas panels. 

July 24, 2011

Amazon Music Sale

Two of my favorite albums are on sale for $3.99 today.  Thought I'd pass along the links.  
I used the song "Heaven on Fire" from the Radio Dept. for one of my YouTube videos (below).  Their music is very unique, kinda dreamy retro.  Bon Iver's front man Justin Vernon has one of the most unusual voices I've heard.  It almost seems high and off key but in a good way. His melodys are gorgeous.  Take a listen....

July 22, 2011

Kid's Painting Class - Butterflies

Today we worked on some butterflies in my kid's painting class. Yesterday we did the backgrounds on the canvases using plastic wrap on the wet paint to give them fun texture.

The girls drew their butterflies and transfered them onto canvas with graphite paper then used paint and water soluble pencils to add fine details.  I think they turned out amazing!  The oldest in the class is 10 and the youngest is 7!  Pretty amazing talent!

July 21, 2011

Kid's Summer 2011 Painting Class

Today was day 2 of my summer painting class for kids.  The girls have been doing such a good job that I thought I would share some of their paintings.  The first day we did a gerber daisy and today we did a simple landscape.

July 8, 2011

Summer Painting Lessons

I am taking registration for my new summer painting class.  All levels of experience welcome.  Please contact me to register.  Class size is limited.