December 21, 2012

Christmas Cookie Decorating - Kid's Art Class

Back by popular demand...we decorated Christmas cookies in last week's art class.  Edible art, what's not to love?!  I used the sugar cookie recipe straight out of my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook with powdered sugar icing.  The drizzly consistency allows for fun blending techniques (using toothpicks while wet) and of course we had lots of sprinkles too.  All 14 students got very creative with their cookies.  There were some beautiful results, almost too pretty to eat...almost.


Here is my morning home-school group.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of my afternoon class.  But I did get photos of the cookies.  :)  

December 8, 2012

Polymer Clay Snowmen - Kid's Art Class

My example

OK this may be my favorite project of 2012.  Of course that may have something to do with my fondness for all things snowman.  I started my collection in the late 1990's and it has grown quite large over the years.  

So I may have been a little biased when I chose this for this week's project in my kid's art class.  The kids did a fantastic job.  It was a great way for them to show their individuality.  I showed them how to do the basic construction and then let them pick colors for their buttons and scarves.  They also did different hat styles.  There were some definite themes that emerged and the kids were so proud of themselves. 




Next week is our Christmas cookie decorating party.  Can't wait!