January 3, 2013

Lace Tree Painting - Kid's Art Class

 My art class is taking a break for the holidays.  We will be starting up again in February, but in the mean time I wanted to share this project we did a few weeks ago.  I had several students out sick that day and then forgot to take photos of one of the classes, so there are only a few photos to show.

We used 9"x12" canvas panels and I had the students tape off the bottom section in a wavy line.  Then we painted the top part with watery acrylic paint and spread plastic wrap over it while wet.  After a minute or two the students lifted off the plastic and tape to reveal the cool stripey effect.  While the canvases dried they sketched out simple tree branches and cut out lace circles.  Once the background was dry they used sharpie markers to draw the tree trunks, then mod podge to adhere the lace to the trees and seal the canvas.  The mod podge dries pretty fast so we were able to add small red birds to the paintings using toothpicks and the back end of a brush (two dots for the head and body and the toothpick to draw the tail and beak).  Simple but fun.