February 3, 2017

Easy Palette Knife Poppies Acrylic Painting Tutorial

I did my first palette knife tutorial on YouTube this week. It was so fun! I have been loving all the different interpretations I have seen coming from this lesson. I love it when a tutorial sparks creativity in others. That is so satisfying as an instructor.

Here is the free tutorial:

Below are some of the paintings shared in my Thankful Art Group on Facebook. They are so great and each one unique.

Alicia Alarcon 

Barb Arden

Barbara DaTerra
Christine Osborne
Brenda Rose Prell 

Carol Rooney 

Cary Ann Lawson 

Charity Traughber Dutton 

Cheryl Combes 

Cindus Henry 

Cindy Simmons 

Dawn Miller 

Dawn Miller 

Debi South Whelan 

Dena-Lee Michaud Shorey 

Denise Ricard 

Donna Beard 

Janet Walsh 

Jayne Welling 

Jennifer Wang 

Jessika Gallop 

Krista Boutilier 

Lisa Schrantz 

Melanie St-Onge 

Melissa Maskol 

Mona Lundeborg 

Natalie Hua 

Natalie Hua 

Peggy L Holmes Kosier 

Sahoosan Meyers Clark 

Sally Roldan-Miller 

Sally Roldan-Miller 

Sue O'Grady 

Susan Hardy Faulkner 

Tammy Cutter 

Tracy Nitsche Ruetner 

Tracy Nitsche Ruetner 

Tracy Nitsche Ruetner