November 11, 2010

"Variable Cracker" Butterfly Paintings

Yes, more butterflies!  This variety is called "Variable Cracker", it is from Central America.  The top side is blue and the underside is orange.  I decided to do them as a set on 8" x 10" canvases. 

November 10, 2010

"Up Seems So Down" Album Cover- Part 3

Here is the finished album cover painting.  I decided the trees didn't add to the overall look enough so I took them out.  I painted the whole sky red and then went back and added cobalt blue and yellow to tone it down and create more depth to the sky.  I also put rings of color around the stars and added more light blue to the horizon line.  The sun was also brightened with a stronger yellow.  I love the overall effect.  I hope it makes an impact for Robb's album.  I can't wait to hear the songs!

Below I played with some potential fonts for the cover to see how it would look with the painting.

Here below are all of the work in progress photos.  It shows the changes I made to it before it was completed.