March 11, 2014

Mixed Media Crosses

I did this fun craft with the women at my church.  It was super easy. Just trace, cut and paste with mod podge. Stickers were used on coordinating paper for the center of the crosses. We used chalk pastels to shade the edges. Everyone had a great time getting creative!

Butterfly Watercolor Paintings - Kids' Art Class

This was the first project of my Spring art class.  The kids did an awesome job. I provided several butterfly photos to show a variety of colors and wing designs. Then, I showed how to sketch a basic butterfly, including wing veins. Once they had a drawing they liked, I had them trace one half onto tracing paper, fold down the middle of the body, then trace the opposite side to make a perfectly symmetrical butterfly.  They then traced it onto their watercolor paper with graphite paper.  Sharpie markers and watercolor pencils were used to finish their paintings.