May 16, 2014

Crafty Owl Book Bags - Kids Art Class

This was a super fun and easy project for my kids art class.  We sketched our owls onto canvas book bags (with foil liners inserted to keep from gluing the bags shut!) using fabric markers. Then we cut 1" squares of fabric to make our "feathers" and circles of felt for eyes. I had pre-cut little orange felt triangles for beaks also.  They used fabric glue to attach the feathers in rows starting at the bottom and overlapping upwards. Buttons were used to embellish. Those who finished early were shown how to make fabric circle "yo-yo's" that were then glued down as flowers or eyes.  The fabric markers worked great (much better than the hugely messy fabric paint tubes).  They turned out really cute and personalized!

Polymer Clay Bird Ornaments - Kids Art Class

Okay, I guess didn't really think this through when I planned this for my May art class.  It wasn't intended to be a Christmas project but even if I choose denial and call it a "wall hanging" we all know it's really an ornament. Oh well! The kids loved it.

It actually took very little time since we used a cookie cutter to make the bird shapes. I had a template for them to trace and cut out the wings also.  Then they used various stamps and tools to create texture in their clay.  Glass beads were also used to embellish.  I baked them for 45 minutes at 265 degrees.  And the cookie cutter (purchased on Amazon) is now relegated to clay use only.   I glazed them with a clay varnish and added ribbon to hang (not shown). 

May 3, 2014

Fish Collage Mixed Media Painting - Kids Art Class

Finally, a project that justifies my magazine hoarding!!  We had so much fun with this project.  The kids started by sketching a basic fish shape onto their canvas panels.  Then they painted a solid blue around the shape and filled it in with magazine and paper clippings. As you can see, some of them had a blast hiding everyday items in their fish.  Look for the hobbit and cat faces! I also loved the use of unusual items like flowers for the eyes. And, of course, the humor of using human body parts was especially popular. I think they laughed more with this project than any I can remember.  To finish, I had them paint another lighter blue over the original color and then we scratched into it to make interesting patterns and dripped water over the canvas (then blotted) to lift the paint and create "bubbles".

Dog Portrait Acrylic Paintings - Kids Art Class

We couldn't let the cats have all the attention, so by popular demand, here are the dog portraits we painted last week in my kids art class.  I have to say, it was one of the more challenging projects we have attempted because of the sheer variety in dog breeds (different face shapes, ear shapes, fur textures, etc).  Despite the challenges, I think the kids did a great job.