May 3, 2014

Fish Collage Mixed Media Painting - Kids Art Class

Finally, a project that justifies my magazine hoarding!!  We had so much fun with this project.  The kids started by sketching a basic fish shape onto their canvas panels.  Then they painted a solid blue around the shape and filled it in with magazine and paper clippings. As you can see, some of them had a blast hiding everyday items in their fish.  Look for the hobbit and cat faces! I also loved the use of unusual items like flowers for the eyes. And, of course, the humor of using human body parts was especially popular. I think they laughed more with this project than any I can remember.  To finish, I had them paint another lighter blue over the original color and then we scratched into it to make interesting patterns and dripped water over the canvas (then blotted) to lift the paint and create "bubbles".

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