March 5, 2009

Detour! Paris!!

Well looks like my butterflies are going to have to wait a few weeks. I got two new commissions this week that need to be completed ASAP. One is a mural for a nursery and the other is a painting of a Paris street scene. I think I will do a series of work in progress photos of the Paris painting. It will be very detailed and colorful. Here is the initial (very) rough sketch...

Starting to rough in the canvas...

Didn't like the perspective on the small background buildings so I made them bigger.

Adding some detail to buildings. Also changed the curve of the street so street light can be added.

Adding more details, tower appears somewhat crooked...

Didn't like how dark the foreground was so I added light to the windows of flower shop. Straightened out the eiffel tower also. Almost finished now...

Detail added to Anna's Cafe building, windows still need work. Chalked in rest of details, may add more people, not sure yet if it's needed.

Finished except for girl with poodle and other people if client wants them. Waiting to hear back.

I added some people. I also changed the sign color on the florist shop.

More details added. People at cafe now. People still need some shading.



  1. I love this stuff; amazing art! And I love the process of development you are showing and all the comments in between. Helps to know how artists think and feel!

  2. Angela,
    I love my Paris painting! I think my favorite part is the girl and the poodle and my restaurant. Thank you so much!!

  3. Glad you like it Anna! It was fun working on it for you!!