April 22, 2009

Butterflies 1,2,3

My butterflies are started! I decided to do three small 6"x6" canvases to try out the techniques with the interference paints before working on a larger scale. I think they are going to be really cute. You can see the effect of the iridescence in the last photo. I used blue/green, blue, and green interferences to make the color change even more interesting. It's hard to photograph though.

I still need to add some spots to the bottom wings, but this one is almost complete. I am thinking I might add the names of each below as well. Not sure if I can find all the proper names though!!
I have just about finished with the first two paintings. I think I will still play with the background a bit, maybe "dirty" it up and add shadows. The Painted Jezebel is just started.

I'm finding that the interference colors need several thin coats to be most effective. It's tricky on black because they are milky so the color gets dulled.

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