January 29, 2010

Family Tree Project

This is my newest commission. I am working on it with my friend Ginger. We've collaborated on special projects like this for the past 5 years or so. We design and paint the basics together and I do the finishing touches. This set of paintings is for a nursery.

This is the design for the family tree paintings. They will hang side by side with the mother's side on one canvas and the father's side on the other canvas.

This canvas is almost finished. I need to add the baby's monogram initials to the center and do a bit of outlining on the border.

More progress made on the tree and the monogram paintings. The picture below makes the hill behind the tree look brown but it is actually a red, it just needs another coat of paint.

This one still needs another coat or two on the letters, but otherwise it's finished.

I added detail to the leaves of the tree today. I also changed a few of the leaves to a light phthalo green blend to liven up the colors. Now all that is left to do is to outline the leaves (not sure yet, but probably in a dark brown), add some dots around the tree and add the names. I will also add some details to the birds and clean up the ground lines a bit. I'm really liking the fun, sort of retro feel to the tree so far.

Finished Monogram Painting.

Finished Family Tree.

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