May 7, 2010

Landscape Commission

I have been commissioned by a good friend to do a large 36"x48" painting of the Ozark.  It will have a large tree overlapping the mountains.  I am almost done with the background.  I may play with the shading on the hills a bit more.  Once I put the tree in I won't be able to adjust the mountains as easily so I want to be sure they are just right.  I actually started it by covering the canvas in raw sienna.  It leaves a beautiful cast to the sky and hills where it's visible.
I added the foreground trees today.  I will do some more detail in the leaves, but the basic bones are there now.  
 I added some more highlights to the foreground tree today.  Also added some detail to the yellow trees in foreground.   I'm still not completely happy with them but I'm liking the red tree. 
I worked on the lower foreground trees today and decided to bring them down to show more of the green hill.  It was feeling a bit crowded at the bottom of the canvas.  I like this much better. 

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