December 7, 2011

Fun Sewn Christmas Tree Ornaments - Art Class Project

We made the cutest little Christmas tree ornaments in this week's class. I used a non-traditional fabric to make them a little more funky.

Many of the girls had never sewn before so it was quite a challenge.  They did a really great job and I will definitely do a sewing project again.  So fun!


  1. Tried this with a class of 23 8-10 year olds (two thirds of whom were boys) and it worked really well! There are now a lot of sewing fans in my class :) We used pinking shears to stop the edges from fraying and stuck on shiny stars rather than buttons (to keep things simple!). Thank you for the great idea!

  2. Oh pinking shears!!! What a great idea. I will definitely remember that if we do this again. Thanks for the kind comments! So glad you enjoyed my post! Merry Christmas!