May 11, 2012

Mixed Media Poppies

 Here are some photos of my recent mixed media class at Scrapbook Panache.  The ladies had a great time and the artwork turned out beautifully.  I will be doing another class on June 28th.


  1. love this?! are there directions available?

  2. Thanks! I will have to do a visual step by step but for now...
    Cover canvas panel with book paper using mod podge. While drying, cut out poppy circles from various, coordinating scrapbook paper. Start with center circle (a little larger than button) and then use that as a guide to cut out next circle a little larger and so on until you have several layers of poppy circles for each flower. Also cut leaf shapes out of green papers. Once canvas is dry, scrape on acrylic paint with a credit card leaving some book paper visible. Lightly brush paint onto bubble wrap, rubber shelf liner, etc. and use as stamps to make interesting textures on the background. Then use waterproof black ink on rubber stamps to add more random patterns to background. Place poppy circles on canvas and draw stems and trace around flowers and leaves with charcoal pencil. Use fingers to smudge charcoal. Set papers aside (remember where they were placed) and use mod podge to layer each paper onto the canvas making sure to get mod podge on both sides of each piece so they will adhere. Once all flowers and leaves are placed, do a final coat of mod podge over the entire project to seal it.
    Hope that helps!

  3. Another hint, using thinner paper is easier to layer than thick cardstock.

  4. Angela! These are terrific!!!!! So very uplifting!