July 29, 2013

Polymer Clay Covered Vases - Summer Art Camp 2013

This was probably my favorite project of the week. The kids each made two polymer clay "canes" (a bullseye and a spiral) which were then cut into slices.  Then starting at the bottom of the vase they stacked the cane slices onto the glass to cover it. We finished by pressing the canes flat with an acrylic rolling pin.

I baked them in a glass casserole dish loosely covered with foil. I started out by placing the dish in a cold oven and then set the temp for 265 degrees (we used skulpey and fimo). This way the glass would slowly heat up and would not crack from quick temperature change. I cooked them for 20 min and then shut off the oven and left them inside until cool.  The following day I varnished them to seal and give some shine.

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