November 14, 2013

Mixed Media Portraits - Kids Art Class

This was one of those projects that took me longer to prepare than it took the kids to complete.  I took photos of my students and edited them using photoshop prior to class. I am still a novice with photoshop so it took longer than it probably should have!  I changed the photos to black and white, then went to greyscale, adjusted the contrast and highlights, then applied the halftone effect.  The edited photos were then printed onto transparency paper.

In class, I had my students cover their canvas panels with scrapbook paper using mod podge. Then they glued the transparency over the top of the papers. In my photos you can still see the wet mod podge through the transparency, but it will eventually dry clear.
I had originally planned on using a transfer technique with the transparencies, but when I tested it, the paper was tearing, so I improvised.  It probably saved a lot of headaches!

We had about a half hour left in class so I used our remaining time to teach them how to draw a simple face.

Here is a link to the original post where I got this idea from:  Christine Adolph Designs

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