August 1, 2015

Swallowtail Butterfly - Acrylic Painting Tutorial Videos #LoveSummerArt

Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to want to happen easily? Even the simplest tasks seem like the universe has conspired to complicate?  Welcome to my world!!  OK, granted, I could have saved some of the frustration I am about to spill if I had planned ahead a little bit. But in my defense, I had been finishing the remodel of my studio and I had not had time to film and edit my newest video until the last minute.  It was perfect storm of procrastination and frustration.

It really is a miracle the videos were released on time. I just barely finished my studio renovation the week before the July 17th-20th deadline for the #LoveSummerArt event and I purchased a new computer to make the editing go faster. Yeah right, faster, well my fancy, new, super-speedy computer did not come with Wifi, or an SD card reader, or the CD drive plugged in, or the proper monitor cords, or speakers, you get the idea! It was a lesson in patience for sure.  Thank the Lord I have 3 computer savvy men at my disposal or I might have had a meltdown.  So needless to say, it took almost all week just to get the proper computer parts ordered and functioning.

So, as it turned out, my editing had to be done the day before the release.  Oh, and did I mention I decided to do a first ever fine art tutorial?? No? Well, instead of a regular 30 min. or hour long tutorial, I had 5 hours of recorded video to edit.  5 bleeping hours!  Oh, and did I also mention that my camcorder decided to go on super hi-def mode and filled my 2G SD card every 30 min. or so? So that I had to stop recording and upload it (to my old laptop because, of course, my new SD card reader was not in yet, which meant that once I was ready to edit I had to transfer all 10 sections of video over to my new computer). Are you exhausted just reading this. I am! Ok, I am done griping. I won't even mention the editing because, well, just don't get me started.

So here you go. I hope it meets muster. And if the butterfly drawing video has my left hand on the right side, well, sorry but we will just have to deal with it. Try watching it in the mirror. ;)

And the Speed Version. If only I could paint this fast!

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