August 26, 2011

Painting for Nathan - Proverbs 23:7

My oldest son is a junior in college this year (Hard to believe, I know.  And yes, I did have him when I was 12).  Anyhoo...he asked for a painting of Proverbs 23:7 for his dorm room.  My instructions were to keep it simple and do it in reds & black.  I just ordered a bunch of new acrylic gels and mediums so I decided since this is a pro bono job I could do a little experimenting.

I first painted the background with black gesso.  Then, I used Golden's Fine Pumice Gel applied with my finger and a credit card to make some textural circles and lines.  Once that dried, I loosely painted over the textured areas with Pyrrole Crimson Red and dry brushed with some grey and black.  For the lettering I used a font called Will Robinson in grey (chalked it out and painted free hand).  Then to finish, I used a splatter brush (which is actually like a bunch of flexible plastic sticks on a handle) to add watery grey splotches over the whole canvas.  I love the overall look.  The texture turned out to be really fun and easy.  I will definitely try it again.  It worked really well for the geometric look I was going for.  My son loves it too so it was win/win for me!

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